We Are...

The Montessori School is unique compared to other Montessori schools and Early Childhood Programs.

We offer:
  • A More-Qualified Staff
  • The Best-Equipped Classroom
  • A Park-Like Playground
  • Inclusive Family Activities
  • Superior Communications
  • KIDS FIRST DAY Opportunities
  • NO Fund-Raising
  • A Unique Learning Experience for Your Child

A More-Qualified Staff

There are two teachers in our classroom. They include a male teacher-guide and female teacher-guide who work together as a team and who are both:
  • AMI (Association Montessori International) or AMS Trained (American Montessori Society)
  • Experienced Montessori Guides
  • Certified by the State of Pennsylvania
  • College Graduates of Penn State

We also have additional Enrichment Teachers for Art, Music, and Spanish.

The Best-Equipped Classroom

Our Montessori classroom has:
  • a most complete collection of Montessori equipment and enrichment materials
  • an Observation Table with science and cultural themes and/or Country of the Week artifacts and activities
  • an extensive in-classroom library

A Park-Like Playground

Our playground is tree-shaded and sand-covered with lots of room to run. We have:
  • a play set with a ramp, two slides, swinging bridge, and rock climbing stairs
  • a soccer net and basketball hoop
  • a village with playhouses
  • a geodome climber and airplane see-saw
  • lots of sand toys, trucks, bubbles, various types of balls, and soft frisbees
  • rakes, brooms, and shovels for real-life hands-on outdoor activities

Inclusive Family Activities

We have PALS -- Parent Activity Leaders for our School.

Almost every month we have an activity coordinated by parents in our school for the enrichment and enjoyment of our children and their families. These totally optional activities allow our children and their families to have fun together in a variety of ways.

Our activities have included family picnics, hayrides, food collections, holiday charity giving, bowling parties, ice skating, family music nights, and Father's Day Miniature Golf Outings.

We have also attended ice shows, the circus, and baseball games.

Superior Communications

Our teacher-guides are always available to answer questions and for consultations about your child.

We have two yearly conferences -- one in the fall and one in February.

You receive a written report with narratives regarding your child's social & emotional growth and work habits and clear indicators of introduction, practice and mastery of our Montessori materials.

The Montessori Messenger is an exceptional weekly newsletter. It includes a calendar of upcoming activities, information on school activities, notes on upcoming events, reminders about deadlines, the snack schedule, and educational articles.

KIDS FIRST DAY Opportunities

One of the truly unique happenings at our school is: KIDS FIRST DAY!

We are one of the few schools that have a specific day designated each month to update and prepare the classroom for your child's quickly growing abilities and changing needs. We exchange the Practical Life Area and other beginning materials, prepare new theme materials, update the Observation Table, and add the special touches necessary for seasonal activities. Everything is cleaned, refurbished, and renewed.

While the staff is working, the children and parents have their own special activities planned by a PALS parent. They play at playgrounds, go on trips, and try new activities together. Children enjoy being with friends and parents spend time with other adults with similar interests.

NO Fund-Raising

Our school does no fund-raising activities. The only monies we collect from you include the yearly tuition, the optional lunch program charges, and a Materials & Activity Fee.

The Materials & Activity Fee includes:
  • equipment purchases
  • consumable materials for classroom activities
  • a school T-shirt
  • transportation and admission for morning field trips
  • in-school programs
  • all holiday celebrations and projects
  • special projects for Mother's and Father's Day
  • the Thanksgiving feast
  • the Mother's Day Tea
  • a portion of the Father's Day Miniature Golf Outing
  • the Kindergarten Celebration

Commissions given to the school for school pictures are earmarked for the Yearbook Committee to use for our PALS-produced school yearbook.

“Box Tops” are accepted and redeemed for additional playground equipment.

A Unique Learning Experience for Your Child

All Early Childhood studies attest to the fact that most of your child's learning is done during the first six years of life. This is a finite time to help your child prepare his or her brain for future learning experiences.

Many schools provide some of the aspects noted. We are the only one who provides them all. This unique combination makes us different.

That is why choosing our school is an investment in your child's future. We utilize our knowledge, experience, and resources to provide the best possible early childhood preparation for your child.